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Parents May Have Divided Rights

If parties have a child or children, they will need to work out the legal custody and physical placement arrangements. Legal custody refers to the right and responsibility to make major decisions for a child. In Wisconsin, “major decisions” include consent for health care, choice of school or religion, consent to marry, consent to join the military and consent to obtain a motor vehicle license. In Wisconsin, both parties may be awarded joint legal custody, or one party may be awarded sole legal custody. In Wisconsin, even if parties have joint legal custody, they may agree, or a court may order that one parent has final decision-making authority in one or more of the major decisions.

Physical placement refers to the schedule the parties’ child or children will follow between their respective homes. Typically, parents or the court must set the children’s routine time-sharing schedule, which is the schedule they follow for times other than holidays or vacations, as well as a specific schedule for future holidays and vacations. Child support arrangements may help to distribute the costs of the child’s physical care.

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