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Mediation Can Offer Peaceful, Fair Solutions

Mediation is a process in which parties hire a neutral third party to help them negotiate an agreement. Typically, mediators have education and experience in law, social work or mental health.

A mediator does not represent either party and therefore cannot give advice to either party. Mediation may occur with parties who have hired attorneys or who are not represented by counsel. The mediator helps parties frame their issues, gives direction and focus to the parties, and can provide information about the range of possible outcomes for them. A skilled mediator can help parties resolve even the most difficult and painful disputes with dignity.

At Friedrich & Fletcher, S.C., Lisa Friedrich offers mediation services to clients. Our attorneys also represent individual clients in a range of divorce methods and other family law disputes.

How Mediators Serve Couples In Divorce

Divorcing and separating couples, both traditional and nontraditional, can use a mediator to help them reach agreements as to how to divide their property, raise their children, and support themselves and their children.

In most situations, after an agreement is reached, the parties want it reduced to writing. Some mediators draft letters or memoranda summarizing the parties’ agreements, after which the parties or their attorneys prepare any legal documents required by the court system. Some attorney-mediators serve as a draftsperson for the parties and draft the formal documents necessary to finalize their separation or divorce.

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